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Wolfer Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is made from Select Grade willow imported from the UK. Limited Edition Bats have a clean face with 8+ straight Grains. The bat is known for its unique stroke and balance. The standard variant weighs between 1180 to 1220 grams and has a low to mid, extended sweet spot. Our bats are known for their amazing finish, balance and stroke. We try and keep the bat profile in accordance with the country it is being shipped to.

All Wolfer Cricket bats will sustain wear and tear during use, this is perfectly natural, and with collision speeds over 100 mph, it is easy to see why. Normal wear and tear expected from a cricket bat blade is surface cracking to the face and edges and discolouration of the blade, and in these cases the performance of the bat won’t be affected. Damage on the other hand can occur due to misuse, mis timed strokes, incorrect storage, lack of maintenance, use against sub standard cricket balls and use in wet conditions. If damage appears on the bat, it should be referred immediately for assessment.

To make sure that you gain the most from your new Cricket bat it is essential that it is prepared (knocked in) and maintained in the correct manner. Once the bat has been knocked in it is imperative that you should maintain your bat as follows;

Store in a moderate constant temperature.

Try to avoid wet conditions.

Try to avoid use against cheap sub standard balls.

Try not to drive Yorkers.

Don’t over oil the bat.

Try to avoid excessive mis timed shots.

We strongly recommend that bats are booked in for end of season work. This can include all levels of repair, oiling, re-gripping, toe guard fitting and anti scuff sheet fitting, and is proven that it will help prolong the life of your bat.

Choosing the correct Cricket bat for you will help to further enhance your love of this great game. We strongly recommend that you contact us prior to purchasing a bat to discuss your exact requirements, and help our expert advise guide you to a successful purchase.


Long Blade Long Handle, Long Handle, Short Handle, Short Handle Long Blade


1150 to 1200 Grams, 1200 to 1250 Grams, 1250 to 1300 Grams

Wolfer Limited Edition – Player's Grade English Willow Cricket Bat is made from select English willow. Player’s Grade English Willow Cricket Bat comes with these features: Pre-knocked Player's Grade (Grade 1 A+) English willow. It has been given a unique contour at the back and additional material behind the sweet spot to deliver extra power and punch. Edges of this bat are thicker than other cricket bats at same price range. This bat is equipped with a 9-Piece imported cane handle which is supreme in shock absorbing. All Wolfer bats are designed and tested by state level star players. We have designed the Wolfer Limited Edition – Player's Grade English Willow Cricket Bat with a relatively low sweet spot to suit the Indian pitch conditions. It is a brilliant bat for crafty stroke play, as well as occasional lofted shots. Playing Level: Advanced, Training, Intermediate Age Group: 12 years & above Highlights of this superior bat:
  • Pre-knocked player's grade English willow
  • Light weight (1150 - 1350 grams)
  • Great pick up, amazing balance
  • Curved blade
  • Super thick edges
  • Padded bat cover for extra protection
  •  Blade Thickness 44-50 mm
We procure all our willows directly from timber merchants, hence eliminating chances of counterfeiting and cheating. We strive to give you the exact willow quality we promise. Unlike other brands in the market, we are transparent about the grade of willow used in each of our bats. For us, your peace of mind and our product quality are cornerstones to our success. We understand how important your bat is, to you. To protect your precious bat from weather elements like dust and moisture, all our bats are shipped in black lint and cotton branded covers. These bats are then packaged in transit-safe 5-ply corrugated boxes so they reach you in mint condition. For best result, follow knocking instructions before game-play.


    May 26, 2023
    Good quality.
    May 23, 2023
    Good service.
    May 19, 2023
    Very well worth the money.
    May 8, 2023
    Very well worth the money.
    May 5, 2023
    Good service.

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