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Widely used as a training ball in academies, the Wind Ball swings and grips like a leather ball, does not hurt like one though. It is durable, water proof and a great replacement for tennis ball. Here are some key features of this ball:

  • Water-Proof: Made from PVC, the ball suits all weather conditions, especially when you run out of options on a rainy day.
  • Longevity: Wind Ball boasts a really long life, often reputed for being unbreakable. You will most probably lose it before you can break it.
  • Box Cricket Favourite: Apart from not breaking any windows in the gully, this one is a hot favourite for Indoor and box cricket. The ball swings and grips like a leather ball.
  • Foundation Training Gear: For beginners who are just developing their shoulder skills especially in bowling, this ball is very handy. It also reduces the injury scare in kids.
  • Leather Ball bounce: The ball looks, feels and even bounces like a leather ball. It is an ideal replacement for tennis ball.
  • Versatile Usage: Wind ball can be literally used anywhere, even while you are sitting and playing catch on your couch. Rest we leave to your imagination.

Product Disclaimer: Branding may wear away with use but it does not affect the product performance or life. General wear and tear caused by product usage is not covered under warranty.

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  • Water Proof
  • Made from PVC
  • Weight - 90 grams per ball
  • Playing Level: Street, Junior, Indoor, Training, Box Cricket
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