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Bullwark Cricket Leg Guards are super light and slim. Ideal for both left and right-handed batters, this rare feature makes them an ideal choice for team gear. Here are the key features of Wolfer Bullwark Cricket Leg Guards:

  • Ambidextrous Design: Bullwark Leg Guards are ambidextrous. They are ideal for both left and right-handed batters. which makes them the top choice for team gear.
  • Light Weight: The super light and slim design sets Bullwark apart from its competitors. It helps batters run faster between the wickets and helps them steal singles and doubles.
  • Gel Infused Knee Cups: The split knee locator includes a gel-filled knee cup. It allows batters to easily flex their knee and optimise weight transfer on the crease for those elegant sweep shots.
  • Compact Structure: A blend of a classic frontal cane structure, strategically packed within EVA, EPE, U-Foam, and Fibre, dressed in high-end Polyurethane. Bullwark boasts a firm wraparound structure.
  • 9-Layered Slender Design: A total of 9 layers tightly fitting together enables these leg guards to do their job without being bulky.
  • Twin Wings: A wing on each side of the leg guard acts as a solid line of defence. It saves you from deliveries targeting the sides of your knee and legs results in lesser on-field injuries.
  • Ankle Protection: Cushioned instep, coupled with added foot safety, protects the shin and ankle from the impact of fast Yorkers.
  • Moisture Management: Breathable mesh fabric on the back side helps absorb sweat. This ensures comfort throughout the game especially for those long innings.
  • Durable Stitching for Longevity: High-quality stitching ensures strength and longevity season after season even under rough and tough use.
  • Perfect Fit: Straps stitched at 17.5, 14.5, and 13.5 inches (top, middle, and bottom) offer a perfect fit for most individuals. The premium Velcro fastening has an exceptionally long life.
  • Vibrant Colours: Bullwark comes in appealing color combinations. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of your cricket gear.

Wolfer Bullwark Cricket Batting Leg Guards are a great choice for batters that seek light weight and comfort gear without compromising on the protection. They boast an impactful design and superior finishing. The rare ambidextrous feature makes them a great choice for team gear. It reduces the expense to buy separate gear for left and right handed players.

Brand Detailing: Wolfer Bullwark Cricket leg guards carry branding on straps, knee roll, instep, back flap and back padding. This improves the overall look and feel of the product. Designed by our creative team based out of Vancouver gives an international touch to the overall style of the product.

Product Disclaimer: Branding may wear away with use but it does not affect the product performance or life. General wear and tear caused by product usage is not covered under warranty.

Safety Disclaimer: Designed for use in cricket, this product reduces the risk of minor injuries during normal playing conditions. While it may not prevent all types of injuries, it does enhance protection and reduce the risk of an injury to a player. Wolfer Sports cannot guarantee the user’s safety but we highly encourage players to wear protective gear during matches. It is also highly recommended by all Cricketing bodies world wide.

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Men's, Youth



  • Sport: Cricket
  • Colour: Black
  • Category : Leg Guards
  • Weight: 700 grams each
  • Material: Finest Quality PU
  • Level: Academy, Tournament, Professional


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