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Wolfer Wind Ball is considered as a replacement for light tennis ball and is usually used in corporate, junior, indoor and gully cricket. The beauty of this ball is that it behaves like a leather ball but doesn’t hurt like one. It is being widely used in recreational cricket for its high durability and cricketing properties as opposed to a tennis ball. With optimum weight and a profound seam, the ball feels good and grips very well in the hand the bowler, making it a delight to play with. Wolfer Wind Ball is manufactured in India and is also used in Junior cricket for training purpose. Made of soft rubbery PVC, Wolfer Wind Ball is highly durable and boasts of very high quality standards. The material is water-proof, making it possible to play in most weather conditions, without the loss of grip

  • Made from soft rubbery PVC so highly recommended for foundation training and very useful in indoor cricket too.
  • Wolfer Heavy Windball ball just doesn’t break no matter how hard you hit it, so its a perfect replacement for tennis ball, and also a suitable option for junior and corporate cricket.
  • Unlike tennis or any other cricket ball the grip will feel the same no matter how old or new the ball is, so its a delight for bowlers to ball from this.
  • The ball is water proof or water resistant, which means it is suitable for all type of weather and pitches. If the ball gets wet just wipe it once with dry cloth and it will give you even bounce, necessary pace or spin, which is impossible to achieve with any other cricket ball after they get wet.
  • Bounces equivalent to a tennis ball and a little less than hard tennis ball. So gives the bowler and the batsmen to prove their strength on the pitch.


• 90 grams of sheer pleasure • Can also be used for indoor cricket • Won’t break windows in gully cricket • Perfect for junior and corporate cricket • Made of superior quality rubbery PVC • Superb durability and quality • Recommended for use in foundation training • Comes in attractive colors and a pack of 6 balls • Water proof, all-weather playing capability • Light weight and a profound seam, making it easy to grip • Can be used for swing and spin bowling alike • Machine stitched for perfect build and consistent game play • Designed, tested and preferred by players of repute • Replacement for light tennis ball Playing Level: Street, Junior, Training Age Group: 6 years & above

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