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Our custom made bats are truly bespoke. Everything is extremely tailormade and unique to playing patterns, body types, budget, so on and so forth. For instance, a batter with a height less than 5’5” requires a relatively smaller size bat and in that if your requirement is of very specific blade and handle length or shape we will make it for you. The bat will be tailormade to suit the shots that come naturally to you. Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, the bat can be designed in accordance. The team at Wolfer are qualified to be able to help design a bat that matches your requirements to the T, and helps you perform with uber flair.

Each bat is handcrafted and tested at every stage of the making of the bat to ensure it fits your style perfectly. Our single biggest USP is being able to make complete a custom bat for every grade of the English Willow – this is what truly makes our manufacturing different, and our offering so cutting-edge.

Bat Size

Harrow, LB LH, Long Blade (LB), Long Handle (LH), Short Handle (SH), Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6

Bat Weight

1150–1220gm, 1220-1270gm, 1270-1350gm

Handle Shape

Oval, Round, Semi-Oval

Handle Thickness

Thin, Medium, Thick

Handle Type

12 Piece, 4 Piece, 6 Piece

Sweet Spot

High, Low, Mid Low

Toe Shape

Round, Semi Concave, Square


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