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The meticulously designed bat under the expertise of the Wolfer team gives the batter a chance for showcasing their best while playing cricket and its features are as follows:

1 – Wolfer Vulpinus is fitted with a 6-piece imported singapore cane handle that gives the player a strong hold over the bat and helps in absorbing the shocks felt on impact with the ball. The grip used is soft, extra thick, ergonomically shaped and dampens the vibrations.

2 –  It has clear grains which itself speaks volumes about the quality. This bat can have two-colored wood which will have no impact on the playing ability of the wood, it just has less visual attraction.  Also, the little imperfections like small specks, affect the cosmetic value and not the durability of the bat or the performance.

3 – The Wolfer Vulpinus is recommended for the beginners, intermediate level players, training and advanced level players of the age group 11 years and above. A curved blade with unique contour, thick edges and additional material behind the sweet spot helps to deliver the shots with extra power and punch. It requires minimal knocking and comes in various weight variants.

4 – Wolfer has the expertise in making bats of all shapes and sizes, ranging from light weight bats with concave profile to relatively heavier bats with full profile depending on the player’s requirements. Wolfer Vulpinus Grade 3 appropriately pressed English Willow cricket bat is available in multiple sizes like Harrow, Short Handle, Short Handle Long Blade, Long Handle and Long Handle Long Blade.

5 –  We extract our willow from the appropriately mature parts of the tree and hence require minimal effort in knocking and can be used for playing very soon. The willows are procured directly from merchants, hence eliminating chances of cheating and counterfeiting. We strive to give you the exact willow quality we promise. To protect your bat from weather elements like dust, moisture or any sort of physical damage, all our bats are shipped in a double layer of bubble wrap packing and high quality foam padded bat covers made with durable matty fabric which also has an adjustable strap for comfortable carriage. These bats are then packaged in 5-ply corrugated boxes so they reach your doorstep in mint condition. We at Wolfer know how important your bat is to you.


Harrow, Long Blade Long Handle, Long Handle, Short Handle, Short Handle Long Blade


1100 to 1150 Grams, 1150 to 1200 Grams, 1200 to 1250 Grams

Wolfer Vulpinus – Grade 3A English Willow Cricket Bat is made from select English willow and as there are two variants in quality of Grade 3 bats we make, Wolfer Vulpinus is more affordable than the premium grade 3 bat. It is shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots. This appropriately pressed English Willow bat is fitted with an imported Singapore cane handle and a soft grip, tested and verified by top level star players which certainly will level up your game-play.


    May 20, 2023
    Very well worth the money.
    Kaden Arabic
    May 18, 2023
    Good quality.
    May 16, 2023
    Good quality.
    May 10, 2023
    Very fast delivery.
    May 7, 2023
    Good service.
    September 23, 2022
    Good service.
    September 20, 2022
    The product is firmly packed.
    September 8, 2022
    Very well worth the money.
    August 24, 2022
    Very well worth the money.
    August 10, 2022
    Good service.

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