• In Box contents: 1 Cricket Bat
  • Suitable for: Leather Ball
  • Toe Guard: No
  • Padded Cover
  • Pre-Knocked
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Crafted by Hand, each English Willow Cricket Bat is unique and a fine work of art. An Ideal bat for the ideal batter, here are some key features of this product:

  • Edge: 38mm to 40mm
  • Max Weight: 1180 Grams
  • Grains: 5 and more
  • Sweet Spot: Mid with deep spine
  • Handle: 12 Piece Round Singapore Cane
  • Toe: Semi-Concave

Swashbuckler English Willow Cricket Bat is an extremely light weight cricket bat and is an ideal choice for top Academy and club professionals. With 6 and more grains it does not take much time to knock in. This bat comes the following add-ons at no extra cost:

  • Pre-Knocking
  • Name Engraving
  • Full Bat Customisation
    • Handle Shape
      • Round
      • Oval
      • Semi-Oval
    • Bat Length
      • Short Handle
      • Long Handle
      • Long Blade
      • Long Handle Long Blade

Swashbuckler is crafted with ultimate precision and we will make sure you get the best possible experience.

Note: Customisation can alter the maximum weight of the cricket bat. Full bat customisation may take up to 30 days as we build each bat from scratch, ensuring quality and perfection at every step. 

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Weight 1180 g

Harrow, Long Handle, Short Handle

English Willow Cricket bat, undergo natural wear and tear during use. Surface cracking and discolouration are normal, and won't affect performance. Damage, however, may result from misuse, mistimed strokes, improper storage, lack of maintenance, use with substandard balls, and exposure to wet conditions. Promptly assess any visible damage. Maintenance Tips:
  1. Knocking In:
    • Essential for new bats; strengthens fibres and enhances performance.
  2. Storage:
    • Keep in a moderate, constant temperature.
    • Avoid exposure to wet conditions.
  3. Usage Tips:
    • Avoid use with cheap substandard balls.
    • Refrain from driving Yorkers excessively.
    • Do not over-oil the bat.
    • Minimize mis-timed shots.
Seasonal Maintenance:
  • Book your bat for end-of-season work, including repairs, oiling, re-gripping, toe guard fitting, and anti-scuff sheet fitting to prolong its life.
Choosing the Right Bat:
  • Contact us before purchase to discuss your requirements.
  • Expert advice tailored to your needs ensures a successful purchase and enhances your love for the game.
Note: Following these guidelines in most cases increase but not guarantee the probability of longevity and optimal performance of a Cricket bat.


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